Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy 1. By purchasing with The Family of Destiny LLC, you agree to allow the employees of this website to access your account to complete your order. We do not share your info with any third party sources. Any issues or problems that you may have can be resolved by emailing support@thefamilyofdestiny.com. 2. We have the right to deny your service if we suspect or detect any foul play in regards to scams and false chargebacks, we are a company of integrity. 3. We are not affiliated with Destiny 2 or Bungie in anyway, by purchasing our services, you agree, and understand this. 4. If you chose to allow us to play on your account and something is altered/deleted, with proper proof, we will restore anything that is gone at no charge, at the same time, you are not eligible to open any lawsuits on the company by purchasing. 5. When logging onto your account, we will record deletion of the account off of any given platform. We will play offline at all times, unless you request otherwise 6. The Family of Destiny is not responsible for any account alterations/deletions restoration if you opted to play with us, instead of having us play for you. 7. By purchasing with us, you are agreeing to an online service with proof of completions through d2checklist.com or other Destiny 2 statistic websites, these screenshots/statistics will be emailed along with receipt of completion to avoid any false chargebacks/disputes.

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