Hi! My name is Ovo. I love this game and I played it all year 1 in Destiny 1 through year 3 and to now. I've soloed raids, carried hundreds of people through Trials of Osiris and just played a shit ton and had lots of fun with it. I started running carries and recoveries through another boosting website, but it was very unorganized. People weren't getting paid, orders weren't getting finished and it was a real shit show. So I want this site to be like a family because of two things. 1. I want customers and employees to feel comfortable here. 2. I never want to imitate the raw and unorganized feel of the other site I worked for. Now even though I mention family so often, we are a very professional group of pro players who have rules and standards. But who says we can't have fun doing it? :D 

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